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Looking for a smart tool to turn regular web traffic into quality leads? Welcome! Start engaging with your customers on an individual level with Backtocart. Use real-time AI interaction and watch your sales grow.

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About Backtocart

Backtocart is an AI-enabled smart tool that enables you to take conversion rate optimization to an unprecedented level. User-reactive lightboxes appear at the optimal moment in time and inspire your audience to take action. The time triggered interaction enables you to offer contextual solutions to your visitors when they need it most. Seize the attention of your visitors whenever they are about to leave. Generate conversions from every page of your website. Keep track of your campaigns with smart analytics and learn every in and out of your audience.


An abandoned cart is a sad cart

Everyday 75% percent of customers start to fill a cart and then leave ecommerce platforms with an unchecked out cart. Don’t leave money on the table. Recoup these losses by offering catchy deals.

seize lost sales now

Woo back your visitors before
they leave

Don’t let your visitors miss the best offers. Use exit-intent detection and trigger a conversation when they show signs of losing interest. Make them actually want to stick around with new offers.

win back customers today

A tailor-fit customer relationship

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all incentives. Offer personalized assistance to your visitors and guide them through the buyer’s journey.

Be a gracious host

Why Backtocart

Reaching out to your audience has never been so easy! Backtocart exponentially drives conversions by optimizing visitors’ experience on your website and increasing product exposure.

Rejuvenate forgotten carts

Leverage personalized email to remind your customers to get back to their abandoned carts. Offer new incentives and inspire them to purchase the products.

Pixel Perfect templates

You don’t have to hire a designer to harvest the value of Backtocart. Pick from our library with an unrivaled number of customizable templates.

Optimized for smartphones and tablets

Don’t forget about mobile traffic! With over 50% of websites accessed via mobile devices, if you aren’t mobile optimized you might as well pack it in. Our Lightboxes are tailored to fit
all mobile screens.


With over dozens of templates to choose from, your offers never get old. No coding required, you don’t have to be creative to display creativity. Just drag and drop your photos into any of the unparalleled choice of templates customizable to suit any type of product line. Write your own text in the font of your choosing and create professional ads all on your own.

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