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13 Best Templates to Engage Website Users with Lightbox Popups

13 Best Templates to Engage Website Users with Lightbox Popups

The biggest problem you might be facing is low sales. And the reason for that might not be apparent. You could be focused on making a lot of improvements like adding great products, building a better user experience on your website and other things…


But the root cause of why you have low sales is low customer engagement.


To attract your customers’ interest in your business and your products, you need to improve your offerings by making them more prominent and attractive. In the words of The Godfather, you have to “give them an offer they can’t refuse”.


With lightbox popups, you can achieve this. Lightbox popup marketing will enable you to:


1. Promote your products using multiple promotion methods such as by showing exciting multiple offers, discounts, and welcome messages.

2. Increase customer engagement by giving your attractive promotions a visible position on your website so a maximum number of visitors can see it and interact with it.


Keeping these two points in mind, today, we’d like to show you a total of 13 lightbox popup examples (templates). You can use them strategically on your website to increase your conversions and improve your customer engagement.


Let’s get started.

1. Welcome Messages

Here’s an important statistic you should know, as shown in a study by T&F Online:  


“It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.”


And another thing by Conversion XL:


“It takes 2.6 seconds for a user’s eyes to land on the area of a website that most influences their first impression.”


What this means is that the first thing users see on your website determines whether they will engage with you or not. So, to create a good first impression, a welcome message lightbox popup is an ideal template you can use on your online store.


Take these two lightbox popup examples:

Backtocart Lightbox Popup Example 1


The first template welcomes the visitor by telling them to check out new dishes. This popup has a beautiful design, a tempting product image and a crystal clear CTA button your visitors can click to go straight to the product page.


And the second template shows off a popular watch. The description quickly details what makes this product so unique. This increases the interest of your visitors and they can easily go to the checkout page to buy the watch.


You can edit this template by adding your own product image, offer, and CTA. And using a time-trigger, you can set your ‘welcome message’ lightbox popup to be shown to visitors within the first few crucial seconds of them visiting your website.

2. Subscription Popups

It’s highly unlikely all of your visitors will remember your online store’s web address. If you don’t remind them to come back, they will probably forget you. That’s why, if your visitors like your store, you should give them an opportunity to keep in touch with you. If you don’t, you will lose these visitors forever.


Getting their email and sending them frequent emails regarding your store’s offerings is a great way to do this.


And popup templates like the ones shown below do a great job of capturing the emails of your visitors.

Backtocart Lightbox Popup Example 2

All your visitors simply have to do is enter their email and click subscribe. You can replace the heading and the message below the ‘subscribe’ button with your own to show you are GDPR compliant. That’s because it’s important to give your readers a clear reason why they should give their email. In addition, you can customize the ‘Thank You’ message your visitors get after they submit their email.


When you collect these emails and build a list, you can send them discounts, offers, and promotions. And email marketing has an extremely high conversion rate. This means there’s a high chance these lightbox popups can help you increase your sales.


One advice we’d like to give you is that you should set up these subscription popups with the ‘exit-intent’ trigger. Neil Patel explains why:


“Most visitors decide whether to subscribe or not after reading your content. By triggering a pop-up as soon as they reach the bottom of your content, you will be asking them to make the decision right away. Thus, it converts well; and sometimes it converts users who were unwilling to subscribe at the beginning.” – Neil Patel

Backtocart Sign Up

3. Discount Popups

With Backtocart, you will get a wide range of discount popup templates for your online store. As of now, there are six beautiful templates you can choose from, each with a different design. This variety will help you choose the perfect lightbox popup that matches the aesthetic of your store.

Backtocart Template Library

You can edit each of these templates with your own product image, your own discount and your own theme.


With these discount lightbox popups, you:


1. Increase your conversion rate: When you offer discounts, you reduce your profit margin but move inventory faster. This gives you a higher net profit.

2. Sell slow-moving items: If you have products that aren’t selling well, you can boost their sales through these discount popups.

3. Boost the reputation of your business: People are quick to share with their friends when their favorite items are on discount. So, when you put discount popups on your online store, you increase chances of getting new customers.


We strongly encourage you to create not one, but several discount popups to put up on different pages of your online store. This onsite retargeting will allow you to show relevant discounts on relevant pages, increasing your chances of selling that item.

The advantage of using Backtocart is that you can put as many discount (and other) popups as you want. And the discount templates available will make it easy for you to quickly create and add beautiful discount popups on your website.

4. Multiple Offers Popups

Instead of offering the customer a ‘yes or no’ choice, you can offer a ‘this or that’ choice. This increases their chances of making a purchase from your online store.

Let’s suppose your online store sells shoes. You know there is a shoe you sell that’s expensive which the majority of your customers won’t be able to afford. On this page, you can create ‘multiple offer’ popups.


So instead of your customers being disheartened by the expensive shoes, the multiple offer lightbox popup will give them a more reasonable choice. This will drastically improve your chances of making a sale.


That’s because by giving less expensive options on a page with an expensive product, you stop your customers from abandoning your store due to their budget. Instead, through this ‘multiple offer’ popup, you guide them to make a choice that fits their needs.

Backtocart Lightbox Popup Multiple Offer


These two lightbox popup examples do a great job of showing how this works. They show the users a different variety of shoes at different price points. These templates even let you show the original price (scratched) and the discounted price so customers are even more attracted to your offer.


You should strongly consider using these popups. They genuinely do a great job of increasing customer engagement with your online store and leading to higher conversion rates.

Build A Template From Scratch

The templates we’ve shown above are designed to help you quickly get started with your lightbox popup campaign. They are well designed, conversion focused and varied. With that being said, we realize that you might need to try out a different approach rather than using our templates. That’s why we include the option of building your own popup templates from scratch.

Many marketers and designers prefer to have full control over the design of their lightbox popups. As such, you’ll get the ability to build your popups from scratch. You’ll have full control and powerful customization tools. You can choose the typography, the background color, the elements, add your own vector art and much more.


If you want inspiration, here are a few examples of websites with popups you can take a look at. And if you’re considering giving lightbox popup marketing a try, check out our advice on how to improve customer engagement through popups.


Just like thousands of other stores have increased their customer engagement and sales, you too will experience positive results with lightbox popup campaigns. Which template will you try first?


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