3 Important Stages Live Chat Providers Should Take You Through
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3 Important Stages Live Chat Providers Should Take You Through

3 Important Stages Live Chat Providers Should Take You Through

Before you add a live chat service on your website, you need to make sure your live chat provider has an easy onboarding process. This is true especially if you are a non-technical person.


Because without a good onboarding process, there’s a big chance you’ll run into obstacles when setting up live chat. You don’t want this to happen as it will waste your time. You want your live chat ‘onboarding’ experience to be easy, fast and efficient.


By now, you must be wondering what ‘onboarding’ actually is? Well, setting up live chat is a bit of a technical process. It’s not that hard. But if you are a nontechnical person, you will appreciate a live chat provider who:


1. Has an easy sign-up process

2. Provides instructions to guide you on how to add live chat on your website.


If your live chat providers have these two things, it means they have a good onboarding process. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to set up a live chat on your website, regardless of whether you are a tech-person or not.


In this article, we’d like to showcase Backtocart’s onboarding process as an example. You’ll see exactly how easy it is to sign up for a live chat and integrate your live chat provider’s service into your website.

Stage One: Signing Up For Live Chat

Sign up to online live chat for website

To get access to a live chat service, first, you’ll have to sign up and create an account. The moment you land on to BacktoCart’s sign up page, you’ll see there are only three things you’re asked for:


1. Name

2. Email

3. Password


That’s all. Just enter these three things and hit the sign up button. You will be instantly redirected to the quick onboarding panel. It should look something like this:

 live chat provider on-boarding

This onboarding panel is designed to help you set up a live chat on your website. This panel makes it easy for you to learn how to use the live chat provider’s service. You don’t have to fumble around with the software. You learn how to use it in three simple steps.

live chat provider on-boarding

To start the tutorial, simply click the “Start” button. As you can see, the first thing you will be asked for is:


1. The Project Name


 2. The Domain URL.


The domain URL is the website address of your online store where you’d like to integrate live chat or lightbox popups. As for project name, we recommend you put the name of your online store there.

live chat provider on-boarding

You’ll see options to set up two services: 1) Live Chat and 2) Lightbox Pop-Ups

live chat provider on-boarding

Now, all you have to do is choose the service you want to activate. If you want to activate both, you can start by setting up one service first i.e. Livechat, and then go back and set up the second service i.e. Lightbox Popups.


You’ll find a series of easy instructions to follow in order to set up both Live Chat and Lightbox Pop-Ups. Once done, you’ll have everything ready-to-use before you’ve even set foot inside the dashboard.

Stage 2: Adding Live Chat To Your Website

If you activated live chat using the quick onboarding panel, you’ll get a code like this:


<script src=”https://static.backtocart.co/embed/bundle.js”></script>

live chat provider on-boarding

This code will integrate your live chat provider’s services into your website. Here’s how you can add this code to your Shopify store to activate live chat:


Step 1: Go to ‘Themes’ under Online Store on the left-hand menu on your Shopify dashboard.

live chat providers for Shopify

Step 2: Click On ‘Actions’ on the right-top corner of your theme and then click on ‘Edit Code’ from the drop-down menu.

live chat provider for Shopify

Step 3: Open the ‘theme.liquid’ file under ‘Layout’ and add the code in the next line under the opening <head> tag.

live chat provider on-boarding

That’s it. In three simple steps, you’ve added Backtocart’s live chat service on your Shopify Store. However, if your store is built on WordPress or Woocommerce, you can simply install the plugin which will install live chat on your online store for you.

Stage 3: Customizing Your Live Chat Settings

If you have only set up the Lightbox Pop-ups during the onboarding process, you might have missed out on the exciting live chat customization settings. But that’s not a problem. Here’s how you can activate – and customize your live chat at a later time within our dashboard.


First, click on Settings under ‘Live Chat’ on the left-side menu of the dashboard:

live chat service settings

Here you’ll see various settings to customize different aspects of the live chat on your website:

live chat service settings

In this settings menu, you can:


  • Activate/deactivate live chat on your website, turn on Multiple Agent and enable/disable notification sounds.
  • Customize the color of your live chat box.
  • Set up your agents’ name, avatar and work schedule.
  • Change the online, offline and welcome messages of your live chat provider.


As you can see, setting up live chat isn’t really that hard, especially if your live chat provider offers a good onboarding process.


But here’s the best part of Backtocart’s onboarding process:


Suppose you’re too busy right now and don’t have time to follow the onboarding process. That’s not a big problem. Because every time you sign in to Backtocart, you’ll get an overview of the whole onboarding process.

live chat service on-boarding


The steps that you have completed are marked with green tick box while those that aren’t are marked with a red tickbox. Whenever you’re ready, you can complete the onboarding to set up live chat or a lightbox at your convenience.

Final Thoughts

Live chat is a great way to improve your customer support. But when choosing live chat providers, you should make sure they have an easy process like the one we’ve shown you here. You can see how much time you save with a good onboarding process. If live chat providers don’t have such a solution, you’ll be left figuring out things yourself. And even if you can, the question is why should you when there’s a better way.


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