5 Lightbox Popup Examples of Optimized eCommerce Stores
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5 Lightbox Popup Examples of Optimized eCommerce Stores

5 Examples of Lightbox Popups that Increase Customer Engagement

“Sales aren’t that great”, “I haven’t sold a single item yet”, “people visit my site but they never buy anything”….


Do these issues sound familiar to you?


They will if you have an online store. And if you do, here’s something to think about:


Having a good website and high-quality products is essential to your online store’s success. These two things will be the main thing that will create interest in your customers. But that isn’t enough to increase your customers’ engagement with your website. That’s why, chances are, even you have a good website and good products, you might not have a high number of sales.


That’s because most of your visitors are just ‘window shopping’. If you don’t make serious efforts to grab their attention, they won’t make a purchase. You need to fix this. You need to attract them with an offer, a discount, a promotion.


Retail stores do a great job of this. If you’ve gone shopping, you might remember seeing big banners in bright colors hanging outside shops, offering 50% OFF, Buy 1 Get 1 Free and other promotions. They really make you want to buy something, don’t they?


If you’d like to try a similar marketing strategy on your website, you can try lightbox popups.


These are virtual ‘banners’ you ‘hang’ on your online store to grab the attention of your visitors with powerful offers, attractive promos, and irresistible discounts. And unlike the ones hanging in the shops around your neighborhood, these are more powerful and more functional.

Why Should You Consider Popups?

With popups on your store, you will gain the ability to:


1. Reduce cart abandonment rate on your website by presenting your audience with specific offers.


2. Increase sales on your website by creating different popups for different audiences


3. Build your email list by creating beautiful opt-in forms so people can subscribe to your newsletter.



In addition, lightbox popups are highly functional tools with which you can:


1. Measure the performance of your lightbox popups – and see how many people are buying your products through them.


2. Add different popups with different offers on different pages of your website to improve your onsite retargeting.


3. Set different triggers and A/B test your popups so you can get the maximum amount of sales.


… and so much more.


In this article, we’re going to show you real-life examples of websites with popups. You’ll see how online stores are using lightbox popups and its features to attract visitors, make more sales and improve their customer engagement.


Let’s get started.


5.  Divanidea

Divanidea is an Italian furniture brand. Their online store is full of beautifully designed sofa sets. As such, their website conveys a certain sense of luxuriousness.

exit-intent popup

Since they wanted to increase their sales, they opted for Backtocart’s lightbox popups. Note that because their brand is premium, flashy and bright colored popups wouldn’t best represent their brand.


That’s why, as you can see in the screenshot, they opted for a design that’s more in-line with their brand image. The popup they’ve used on their store has their logo on top, with a beautiful picture of their sofa under which they’ve presented their offer.


You can see how they’ve made sure the colors of the font, the typography, and the background picture match the design of their store. You too can customize each and every aspect of your lightbox popups including colors, font, pictures, and design.


They’ve set the trigger of their popup to be exit-intent. This makes sure every customer who leaves their website sees their offer because the popup appears as soon as someone moves their cursor to the top of the browser window.

4. Séduires


Séduires is a beautiful store which sells fashion clothes and accessories for men, women and kids. Clothing items and fashion accessories are popular items many online stores sell. As such, popups work extremely well in this case to capture the attention of incoming visitors.

exit-intent eCommerce popup

Here, Seduires has opted for a discount popup. This popup design is based on one of Backtocart’s templates. You’ll find a wide variety of templates for offering discounts, showing off new promos and giving multiple offers.


Seduires is using the ‘discount offer’ template. As you can see, it has an attractive image of the product on the left side. The headline, offer and ‘buy now’ button is on the right side.


If you want, you can use this template on your store as well. You’ll be able to add your own product image, headline, CTA and you can also customize the template design to suit your website.


On a final note, this store also uses an exit-intent eCommerce popup.


3. Arredamenti Villa


Arredamenti Villa is another Italian furniture maker. They offer complete furniture sets for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and other areas of the house. To kickstart their online sales, they’re using a discount popup.

websites with popups

There are many templates to create this kind of popups. Using a template made it easy for them to quickly create their lightbox popup without much effort.


Also, here’s something interesting…


In this online store’s case, they haven’t used the exit-intent popup. Instead, they opted to use a time-triggered popup. The benefit of this popup is that it grabs the attention of the user from the very start. Also, it doesn’t come on abruptly and activates after 5 seconds of a user visiting the website.

2. Marco-Dan


Marco Dan is another store which sells men’s and women’s clothes – and other fashion accessories. Here, you won’t see any popup appear as long as you’re browsing their website. But, as soon as you move your cursor towards the top of your browser, you’ll see a beautiful discount popup appear.

ext-intent eCommerce popup

Here, Marco Dan is using the scroll triggered popup to promote their products and to increase their sales.


As soon as the popup appears, you can see how clearly it shows an attractive picture of the product, along with the discount offer. On the lower-right corner, there is the CTA button which says ‘buy now’. Visitors interested in the offer can click it and instantly reach the checkout page.


This makes the popup a frictionless process where customers can easily avail the offer. This is the biggest reason why lightbox popups are so effective at engaging more customers and increasing sales.


1. Phany’s


Phany’s is another online store. What makes them special is they’ve identified their niche audience and instead of targeting everyone, they only serve women customers.

exit-intent lightbox popup

They’re using the discount template as well (looks like it’s quite popular!). The popup is ‘exit-intent’ and appears as soon as the user tries to exit the website. In this final example, we’d like to move behind the scenes and tell you how you can measure your popups’ performance.


You’ve already heard how you get different templates for popup design and can change your popup triggers. In addition, you’ll also get the ability to A/B test your popups and measure their performance.


You can check how many clicks, impressions, and conversions you’re getting. And using that data, you can make changes to your popups to improve its performance.


After seeing these websites with popups, go ahead and put a popup on your website today. Explore different exciting templates, add your own products and create effective advertising on your website by onsite retargeting with popups. Hopefully, you’ll see a visible improvement in customer engagement and sales on your online store.


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