Live Chat Features 103: Intro to One-on-One Communications
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Live Chat Features 103: Intro to One-on-One Communications

The versatility and flexibility of live chat as a customer support channel is unmatched. Till now, we’ve explored live chat features focused on customization. And we’ve also looked at live chat features that help increase customer engagement.


But still, you might have an important question in your mind that’s making you hesitant to try out live chat. It’s probably this:


Will live chat take a lot of time and effort to set up? And if yes, is it worth the investment?


a) No, it doesn’t take a lot of time and money. Live chat is easy and effortless to set up. In fact, you can set it up on your Shopify store in minutes.


b) Yes, live chat is worth the investment. Research says that it has a positive impact on sales.




Because live chat helps you easily set up a world-class customer support team for your online business. This is thanks to awesome live chat features that help you manage your customer support agents effectively and effortlessly.


These features that help manage your agents are important because your agents are the lifeblood of your online store. They’re the ones who interact with your customers on a near-daily basis – and directly bring in leads and sales. Live chat is the service that gives your agents the tools that help them get the job done.


And this is what’s this article is all about.


We’ll take a look at live chat features that empower you and your agents to provide incredible customer support.


How To Create A Customer Support Team Using Live Chat

There are four main live chat features we’ll discuss that will help you in creating and managing your customer support team.


1. Set A Personalized Work Schedule For Every Agent

Every customer support team works differently. Some have 10 agents, others might only have just two. And the more agents you have, the more the chances they might get their shifts mixed up. Because of this, your live chat service risks getting offline during working hours.


To make sure this doesn’t happen, a live chat feature called agent work scheduler lets you clearly label each agent’s schedule. This way, every agent will know their working hours any time they want.


Here’s how you can set this up on Backtocart:


After signing in, head over to LiveChat -> Settings and you’ll come to your live chat settings page. There, on the top right side of your screen, you’ll see a ‘Work Scheduler’ option.


Click on it and you’ll be greeted with this window:

agent work scheduler

Here, you have three settings for your live agents.


1. Timezone: If your support agents are situated in different countries, you can set their working hours according to their own time zone instead of yours to avoid confusion.


2. Time: You can set the starting and ending hours during which your agents will be performing customer support.


3. Days: Here you can simply check which days you want your agent to work and be online on your website.


With these three settings, you can be sure there will be no confusion among your agents. They’ll always know when they have to be online and your live chat service will run without any hiccups.


2.  Enable Multiple Agents To Expand Your Customer Service

Customer support is not an easy job. One person simply cannot satisfactorily provide customer support to all your customers. And 24-hour live chat support? You can forget about that if you have just one agent.


That’s why a live chat feature called multiple agents, when activated, allows you to add several other collaborators (agents) to your live customer support platform. Adding more agents makes customer support easier for everyone on the team. Plus, you can provide 24/7 customer support on your online stores.  


Doing this will successfully increase your chances of getting more engagement from customers. And this, in turn, will result in stronger sales and more knowledgeable customers on your website.


Here’s how the ‘Multiple Agents’ feature works:

multiple agent support

To get started, you have to add your customer support team on BacktoCart. To do that, you have to invite them to become ‘Collaborators’ on your project i.e your website or eCommerce store. Only collaborators can access the ‘Conversations’ section to talk to customers and invite other agents.


At the start, there’s only going to be one collaborator (i.e you) because it’s your website. All you have to do is click on the ‘Invite New Users’ option under Projects and go to the tab that says ‘Invite New Users’. There, you can enter the email addresses of your customer support team members you want to invite.


They will get the invite link in their inbox. When they click on the link, they’ll be directed to sign up page to become collaborators with you.  Once they’ve set up their profile and added their picture, they’ll be able to successfully access the ‘Coversations’ section.


That’s it. It’s that simple.


Your customer support team will now be able to talk to your customers on your website. Plus, thanks to the ‘Agent Work Scheduler’ feature, they’ll be able their whole work schedule in an instant.


And as demand for your live chat services grows, you can add as many agents as you want. And because of this live chat feature, you’ll be able to run a 24/7 customer support service as well.

multiple domain account,

Bonus Feature: Run Live Chat on Multiple Domains

If you’re one of those ambitious entrepreneurs who have more than one online businesses running, we’ve got a live chat feature you’ll love.


Multiple Domain Accounts let you connect all your websites to a live chat service under one user account. Because of this, you don’t have to sign up and pay for live chat services for every new website you create. This makes live chat an extremely inexpensive customer support channel. You pay only once but use it for as many businesses as you like.


Your websites are stored as ‘Projects’ under the ‘My Projects’ section. Here, you can see all your websites and campaigns in one place. To add a new website, just click on the ‘New Project’ button and enter your website URL. From there, you can also add as many agents as you like and assign them to your different websites.


Live Chat Grows As You Grow

You can see how easy live chat makes it for you to create, manage and scale your customer support team to be as big as you want.


The biggest benefit is that you can start small with one or two agents. And as your business grows you can then subscribe to features such as agent work scheduler and multiple domain support.

After that, it doesn’t matter how much your business grows. Live chat services, because of its powerful ability to scale, will grow with you.

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