Live Chat Features 104: Secrets to Contact Management
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Live Chat Features 104: Secrets to Contact Management

Providing highly personalized customer services is the key to successfully increasing your customers’ engagement with your online store. That’s because giving your customers the special attention they deserve will:


1. Leave a good impression about your store in your customers’ mind

2. Increase your customers’ trust in your business

3. Turn them into your loyal fans and repeat buyers


Every company that’s been successful in the past decade knows this. Take Amazon as an example. Their customers are loyal, passionate people who are highly engaged with their brand. But that’s because they provide high quality, personalized customer support.


But chances are you don’t have a billion-dollar company with loads of data about your customers. You have a small or midsize online business. But you, too, want to increase customer engagement on your website. You also want to make more sales and profits. Like we said above, for this to happen, personalized customer support is a key ingredient.


Which leads us to this question: How do you successfully provide personalized customer support to your customers to increase your customer engagement? In our opinion, live chat is an extremely effective tool for this purpose. That’s because many live chat features are exclusively built to increase customer engagement. In this article, we’ll take a look at what these features are…


Why Use Live Chat To Improve Customer Engagement?

Live chats are made for one main purpose: To increase engagement of your customers with your business so you maximize your sales. That’s why, in this article, we’ll talk about the live chat features that can help you in acquiring leads, nurturing them and turning them into your customers.


1. Email Submission Form For Lead Generation

The people who are going to use your live chat services are the ones interested in your business. Because after all, they made the effort to contact you to learn more about the products and services you offer. And that’s why there’s a great chance they might want to hear from you in the future as well. They’re solid leads you don’t want to lose.


That’s why live chat asks for the email of every customer that wants to start a conversation with your business. Whether your live chat service is active or not, your customers will see a mini form asking them for their email address. Once your customers enter their email, they can immediately start a conversion if your agents are online.


The email they submitted will be stored in the live chat CRM which you or your support team and view to get more information about the customer.


Because of this live chat feature, you’ll quickly build an email list of potential customers interested in your products. These emails will be stored in your live chat’s CRM. And through email marketing, you can then send these customers exciting offers and promotions in addition to providing personalized support.


2. Real-Time Data of Customers

Live chat doesn’t just make it easy to collect the emails of your customers. It also makes it easy to collect ‘real-time data’ of your customers. It’s the kind of data that is unimportant to them but can really help you personalize their customer support experience.


Here’s what this live chat feature basically does:


Once your customers submit their email to you through live chat and start a conversation, live chat displays (and stores) the following information about your customer:


1. Visitor ID Name: Name of the customer (if they choose to share).


2. Email of the Visitor: The email address a customer entered to start a conversation on live chat. You can use this email to provide customer support or to send marketing emails.


3. First Visit Day and Time: Shows whether this is a new visitor or a returning visitor.


4. Country: Know where your visitor is from so you can personalize your conversation with them.


5. Device Type: Know if your visitor is chatting with you on desktop or mobile.


6. Operating System: See what OS your visitor uses so you can better troubleshoot their problems.


7. IP Address: Know your visitor’s location i.e. which city they live in.


8. Browser: See which browser they use so you can identify and solve their technical problems.

contact data management

In addition to this, live chat also stores the whole unlimited chat history of your customers. Your agents can get an idea why your customer is chatting with them in the first place. And your customers also won’t have to explain their situation, again and again, every time they talk to a new agent on your website.


This alone makes ‘unlimited chat history’ the most useful of our many premium live chat features.


Plus, with all this information, you will know important data about your customers. Your customer support team won’t have to ask obvious questions to your visitors. They can simply start solving your customers’ problems quickly and efficiently.


It’s also worth noting these live chat features are in compliance with the GDPR. The data collected is only of those customers who willingly submit their email and use live chat on your website. And your customers can opt-out and unsubscribe at any time.


3. Contact Data Management System

Live chat has extremely effective features that help you collect customer email addresses and their data. But it doesn’t stop there. It also automatically stores this information you’ve gathered into a database in an effective and organized manner.


This live chat feature is extremely important. Previously, you had to put all your customer information in a spreadsheet yourself. But live chat makes this process easy and organizes this customer information into a database for you. You can see information such as name, email, first visit data and country of all your customers at a glance.


You can use this information to improve your customer service and provide customers with a positive experience with your store. All which can lead to better customer engagement and more sales!


So if you haven’t already, add live chat on your online store and see these live chat features in action yourself. It’s a great all-in-one tool for acquiring new leads, making customer support more personalized and managing your existing leads in a secure database. With these live chat features, you’ll see customer engagement rise in no time and consequently, sales will increase as well! 


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