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Turning visitors into customers has never been this easy

Envision a new way to design the visitor experience in your website. Reach to your audience in real-time with Backtocart’s AI-powered features. Cultivate quality leads and harvest unprecedented conversion rates.
Backtocart enables you to create professional lightboxes all on your own, by putting dozens of editable templates and designer tools right at your fingertips. Explore the library and editing options, and design eye-catching, pixel-perfect lightboxes that will look perfect on your website. Re-engage your visitors with time and/or scroll-triggered lightboxes displayed at the right moment. Harness the power of exit intent detection to win back abandoning users with irresistible offers. Forget about annoying, cookie-cutter incentives. Backtocart’s smart tool enables you to customize your lightboxes based on your visitor’s geolocation and language.

Immense Library

Backtocart provides you with an unequalled variety of easily customizable templates designed to fit the needs of any business. Use the advanced search filter to narrow or broaden your search results, bookmark your favorite templates and create enticing ads all on your own. Return to the library every time you want fresh ideas and make sure your offers never get old.


Uncover your creativity with Backtocart’s flexible editing options. Pick your favorite template from the library, drag and drop the picture of your choice or upload it from the web, set lightbox background theme and write your powerful offers in the ideal size and style. Use time-driven or exit-intent triggers and catch your visitor’s attention displaying the right pop-up at the right moment.


Before jumping into your conversion optimization journey with Backtocart, you can experiene how our lightboxes work on your own website, in real time. Create your lightbox with our fully-editable templates and easy-to-use tools and enter preview mode to see how it looks and feels on your website.

Click the CTA to try some of our features. With over a dozen of templates to choose from, your offers will never get old.

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Other Powerful Features

  • Lightbox Appearance
  • Allowed and Blocked URL
  • Languages
  • Geolocation
  • Weather Conditions
  • User Frequency