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With Backtocart Livechat there is no end to what can be personalized in eCommerce.

There are customers on your website looking to connect
What are you doing today to make their experience better?
Backtocart Livechat
Livechat helps you stay in touch and communicate your value to the interested visitors. It’s your best friend when it comes to live support catered to each visitor, personalized to their specific interests in your offers. It can help you increase your conversion rates, as well as, further promote your offerings.
Custom Themes
for Livechat Window
Customize your Livechat as you go, with every feature being subject to personalization, you can edit all the way from the name of the support team agent, avatar picture and chat color to a special welcome message for your next visitor!
Integrate with the
Messagebox Feature
Simply having a support Livechat function wouldn’t be enough to woo back your abandoning visitors. So we created our own and unique messagebox integration function that lets you retarget your visitors on site and present them the daily offers right in the live chat!
Work Scheduler
Schedule the working hours and shifts for your agents to ensure smooth experience on your Livechat. With work scheduler you can also configure the hours when agents are logged in and/or available on the spot.
Multiple Website Support
With Backtocart’s Livechat you don’t have to connect multiple user accounts to operate it on multiple websites. Just create a single account and have as many projects as you wish, one project per domain. Yes, it’s that simple!
Contacts and Chat
History Management
This feature provides you with the opportunity of developing personalized communication with your website visitors. With chat history management you can make contextual offers based on the outcome from previous correspondence.
Additional Features
Set predefined welcome messages to greet your website visitors upon their arrival. Engage with your visitors on the go. Set the right tone for later communication with the help of this feature.
Additional Features
With the file sharing feature our Livechat makes the communication between agents and visitors even easier by allowing them to share relevant screenshots, materials and resources amongst them.
Additional Features
The fully responsive design of our Livechat is customized for every screen size. Ensure good user experience for the visitors on your website by providing mobile-optimized chat interface.