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How Backtocart Can Help You Engage More Visitors and Convert Them into Loyal Customers

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Many E-commerce store owners use only paid ads to target their potential customers. But most of their efforts go in vain – they are losing more and more visitors, the traffic is not converting into quality leads while those who are really interested in making a purchase, don’t have enough options to get their questions answered in real time.


Luckily, having lightbox popups and a live chat on your eCommerce website can be the medicine.



If you have an Ecommerce store on Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento and still struggling day to day with low conversion rate and high bounce rate, Backtocart can be the best fit for your store. Activate Backtocart Lightbox popups and Livechat and get the utmost benefits for your online store from retargeting your visitors and reducing cart abandonment to providing personalized help and amazing customer experience.



In this FREE webinar you will learn:
  • How eCommerce stores can strike meaningful conversations with their potential and existing customers using Livechat
  • Why the Lightbox Popups are not really annoying if you use them rightly
  • Backtocart Popups and Livechat: How to strategically use them to engage your potential customers, grow contact base, maximize your sales conversions and reduce cart abandonment
  • Complementary tool on-boarding for the interested store owners


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Sep 12, 2018


12:00PM EST


90 minutes

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Backtocart CEO and Co-Founder

Artash is the CEO and Co-founder at Backtocart. His background comes from marketing and he has been into agency business for a while. The key vision why he has started Backtocart is to enable online shoppers to have a greater on-site customer engagement. Find him on Twitter: @artasharakelyan


Backtocart Co-Founder

Hayk is an engineer with experience in developing high scale and robust software solutions. The key reason why he is passionate about Backtocart is that he strives to implement also the latest machine learning and AI directions as the Backtocart user base keeps growing.